Treasures of the past are found in every home: in photo albums, documents, and mementos.

Every person living inIsraelis partner to the development and history of the state. His or her private photo album reflects the different types of life present in Israeli society and its diverse social communities: in development towns, agricultural settlements, new residential settlements, and in the cities.


A Local Album
Israel revealed to the eye: Image and Perception in the Definition of Israeli Identity in Personal Photo Albums
Israel Revealed to the Eye is a community-based project that  provides documentation, storage, and access to photos of Israel, the country, its people, and its history. This comprehensive project involving the visual recording and preservation of photos from private albums is carried out by volunteers, who both collect  and provide documents within their communities. Click to read


 A picture is worth 1000 (Purim) stories - Nostalgic Purim photos - Click here for more information.




Israel Revealed to the Eye is a communal initiative with the purpose of recording, saving, and preserving the photos that document the state and the country, its residents and its history. Its objective is to make Israelis of all walks of life partners in the effort to preserve the pictorial history of Israel during all its periods by having them join the project, whether as those who document or those who are the subject of documentation. This will be done through a project aimed at visual documentation through preservation of photos in private albums.

The photos will be collected in local documentation centers with backup files in central archival institutions and networks. They will be available for research, study, exhibitions, outdoor cultural and artistic events, and publications, and will be available to the general public.


First Stage: Israel Revealed to the Eye - Sixty Years of Development Towns

The project, which began during the centennial celebrations in 2009 of the founding of Tel Aviv, was expanded in 2011 to cover additional locations inIsrael. To mark the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the first development towns, the pilot project is being conducted in the following cities: Kiryat Shemona, Rosh Ha'ayin, Sderot and Yeruham.

A plan was developed and detailed instructions were prepared for each city in cooperation with local bodies, taking into account its unique characteristics.


Project Stages:

  • Organizing a work team and training its members (communal coordinator, content coordinator)
  • Acquisition and supply of equipment and materials
  • Establishment of a documentation center in the local archive / museum
  • Recruitment of voluntary documenters from among local residents
  • Conducting a course for the volunteers to train them in documentation and acquaint them with the history of their city
  • Recording and scanning of materials to create a depository of photo albums belonging to local residents
  • Creation of a homepage and digital archive as part of the internet documentation center:Israel Revealed to the Eye.
  • Holding outdoor exhibitions and other document-related events and projects in the community



Pen pals: Bibi's childhood letters revealed

Elad Zeret 07.21.15, 23:34 / Israel News

Ariel Barzilay and Benjamin Netanyahu developed a close friendship during Bibi's summer vacations in Jerusalem. in the 1960s, and kept in touch after he returned to America.
Now, 40 years after Barzilay was killed in the Yom Kippur War,his family offers a rare peek into the prime minister's teenage years through the letters they wrote to each other. The letters were kept Ariel's his sister, Anat Keinan - a volunteer of 'Israel revealed to the Eye'.

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Underground IDF magazine from 1950s reveals many surprises.

An article by Ofer Aderet in Haaretz 16.7.15 reveals interesting satirical journalism within the ranks of the IDF General staff. The he satirical magazines were  discovered in the home of 'Israel Revealed to the Eye' volunteer from Rechovot.

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"Ra'nana Revealed"

By GLORIA DEUTSCH, 09/18/2014
The article tells the story of the "Israel reveled to the eye" project in Ra'nana, working from the local town Archive with about 50 volunteers scanning the albums of the town's residents and revealing its' history.

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